#Twintterview: Michael Odewale

Michael o - 2-2.jpg

Fresh from success at the Leicester Comedy Festival, up-and-coming London comic Michael Odewale is bringing his laid-back observational humour to Edfringe 2019. We sat down with him to find out more about the man behind the slick one-liners.

FB: Who are your comedy icons?

MO: Dave Chappelle, Chris  Rock, Patrice O’Neal.

FB: Best thing about living in Dagenham?

MO: It’s cheap and easy going.

FB: What was the writing process for your Edinburgh debut?

Lots of self doubt and lots of trial and error. I had more fun towards the end once I had a structure in place.

FB: Worst joke you've ever told/written?

MO: I thought I had hay-fever because every time I leave the house, my eyes start to water. Turns out I was just sad. 

FB: Fame. You know you've made it when...

MO: They dig up my old tweets to get me in trouble. Which reminds me I got to go delete some stuff.

FB: You studied politics, so maybe you can tell us: first Brexit, then Boris, then...?

MO: I got a 2:2 , don’t ask me.

FB: What's the last thought you have before starting a gig?

MO: This will probably be alright.

See Michael Odewale: #BLACKBEARSMATTER at the Pleasance, 31 Jul —25 Aug 2019. Tickets here.