5 Questions You Shouldn't Ask (But Want To) — Brodi Snook

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Out in the real world there are questions you should never ask, because a) They’re rude, b) It’s none of your business and c) This is a funeral, have some respect. Here at Fringebiscuit though, we’ve thrown away the rule book. We’re asking Fringe performers the stuff we you really want to know. First up is Brodi Snook, a comedian, Aussie and alleged ‘handful’, who is set to debut at Edfringe 2019...

Fringebiscuit: What’s the weirdest thought you've ever had during sex?

Brodi Snook: ‘My only worry about my metadata being hacked is that other people will find out that today I watched Look Who’s Talking 1 and 2.’

FB: If you had to marry a dictator (living or dead) who would it be?

BS: Nicolae Ceaușescu. He looked like a stunning woman and I bet he could FUCK.  

FB: We know sexuality is a spectrum, not a sports team... but if it were a sport, what would it be?

BS: Mine would be the U.S women’s soccer team: largely underappreciated by men, striving for gender equality and recently successful in France.

FB: "I'm on my period" is the best excuse for...

BS: Watching Look Who’s Talking 1 and 2 back to back.

FB: What would it take for you to resort to cannibalism?

BS: One more man leaning out of his van window with sausage roll on his chin telling me to ‘smile, love!’

See Brodi Snook: Handful at Gilded Balloon, 31st July to 26th August 2019. Get your tickets here.