Soundtrack to My Fringe: Ed Zanders


For this instalment of #SoundtrackToMyFringe, we’re passing the mic over to Ed Zanders (note: my auto-correct would REALLY like you to know that his name is actually Ed Danders). A London-based composer, lyricist and graduate of Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Ed is currently performing in Piano_Play, on every day at Underbelly, George Square. We caught up with Ed to find out which tracks from fringe veterans are topping his playlist. Over to Ed…

London Underground - Amateur Transplants
I’m a big fan of Adam Kay, who as well as being a doctor, a best selling writer and a musician is a veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe. Whilst his shows are quite different to Piano_Play, he’s linked by being just one man and a piano. This song also makes me glad I’m in Edinburgh, and not in London commuting every morning.

Daphnis et Chloè - Maurice Ravel
Ravel features in Piano_Play, happily, as he’s one of my favourite composers! As much as I like piano music, I think over the fringe it’ll be nice to have some other colours to listen to, so I’ve picked his ballet ‘Daphnis et Chloè’, the opening of which is possibly the most beautiful set of sounds I’ve ever heard.

Lone Digger - Caravan Palace
I played piano for an improv show at the Fringe in 2014 called ‘Lights! Camera! Improvise!’, and had a lot of fun doing it. This track would always be playing as the audience entered, so it brings back happy memories of waiting in the wings of Pleasance Forth about to go on.

Prelude in C Major - Johann Sebastian Bach
This piece represents a pivotal moment in our play, when our protagonist Tom discovers classical music for the first time. It’s also just incredibly beautiful, and will no doubt provide a soothing antidote to the frenetic fringe atmosphere!

Not perfect - Tim Minchin
Another one-man-and-a-piano act I’ve chosen is Tim Minchin, who was discovered at the Fringe in 2005. Most of his songs are witty and tongue in cheek, but ‘Not Perfect’ is very reflective and poignant. Like the Bach, this track is a beautiful retreat away from the madness. 

Catch Ed Zanders in Piano_Play at Underbelly, George Square, until Aug 26. Tickets here.