Industry Q&A: Flick Morris

Every August, Edinburgh finds itself crawling with arts industry professionals — actors, directors, producers, PRs, venue directors— the list goes on. The Fringe is an invaluable networking hub… but getting advice from those in the know can be nerve-wrecking. Never fear! In this series, the Fringebiscuit team ask key industry players for their top tips. First up is Flick Morris, freelance entertainment PR…

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Flick Morris: I start thinking about the Fringe in January. So, if you are bringing a show up and looking for PR, that is the time to get in contact. I sometimes get people who call me in June or July, but by then, it’s too late.

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Flick Morris: Yes, from January, I start going out to look at [a show’s] early previews, or if you are a comedian, a club set.

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Flick Morris: It doesn’t have to be perfect — obviously I’m not expecting people to have finished shows yet. It’s just to get a sense of this person and their work.

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Flick Morris: I start pulling together press releases in April. And then it’s an ongoing process through the following months, contacting all the press that I know and getting in touch with anyone new. In the first week of the Fringe, I go around and see all of my acts again—I’ll have already seen their London previews, but I want to make sure I’m aware of any changes they’ve made to the show since then.

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Flick Morris: Because I work on my own, I bring quite a small list — this year, for example, I’m bringing twelve shows to the Fringe. There are other PR’s who have much larger lists, so it’s worth reaching out to loads of PRs if you’re looking.

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