Why write a review in 280 characters?

Modern audiences have never had so much to see and so little time to read about it. Our answer? Succinct, informative and engaging #Twittiques. Have a bit more time on your hands? Why not check out our cup-of-tea length reviews.


How do I get my show reviewed?

Send us an email at editorial@fringebiscuit.com. We can't promise to see everything, but we'll do our best.


What is Fringebiscuit Trends?

Fringebiscuit Trends is our way of keeping our finger on the pulse of the online conversation. We sample and analyse audience reaction to shows on Twitter, and present the results fresh to you. See here for an in-depth overview of how we do what we do.


How can I track my show?

Fringebiscuit Trends updates its graphics daily, and publishes a daily round-up summarising our analysis of the conversation. If people are talking about your show, you'll be in there. Sign up here.