Fringe Advice: Le Fil


Here at Fringebiscuit, we reckon that Edinburgh performers are among the most fabulous, talented, outrageous and just plain bizarre people on the planet. Who better, then, to ask for advice? Today's guest columnist is the wonderful Le Fil, who has all the answers, from relationship woes to high-heel debacles...

Dear Le Fil,
I've got a bit of gold glitter stuck in my eye (don't ask how). It's been there for two days and it hurts like a @*#&%. What do I do? #RealWorldProblem.

Oooh honey! I’m presuming you’re meaning your eye ball? Well, there ain’t nothing wrong with asking a stranger for a little help. Yes indeed.

Dear Le Fil,
How do you stay happy at the Fringe? #FringeFirstTimer

Eat healthy...

Stay hydrated...

So that you can watch as many shows as you can!

Dear Le Fil,
It hasn't worked out twice before but maybe this time...?#WhatIsLove

Aw babes! I believe in fate and if it hasn’t worked out before, then it wasn’t meant to be. If it happens this time, fabulous! And if not, there’s plenty more tins on the shelf…go find them!

Dear Le Fil, How do I deal with Edinburgh cobbles in six-inch heels? #FlamingoLegs

Cobbles are good training grounds for newbie heel wearers. Keep moving on the balls of your feet, and don’t stay still... 

…or go glam and hail a cab!

Dear Le Fil, Where does confidence come from? #IWannaBeLikeYou

You only get one life to shine so don’t be afraid to show everyone your true wonderful self. Thrive and sparkle my shiny beasts!  

You can catch Le Fil in 24/7 LIVE at C Royale, August 7-11.

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