Fringe Advice: Gabby Killick

Here at Fringebiscuit, we reckon that Edinburgh performers are amongst the most fabulous, talented, outrageous and just plain bizarre people on the planet. Who better, then, to ask for help? Today's guest columnist is the wonderful Gabby Killick, a.k.a. #GirlfriendFromHell, who shows us exactly how to keep it real this Fringe.

Dear Gabby,
Should what happens in Lanzarote stay in Lanzarote? #DoIAskQuestions

Hell no. Post that shit all over Insta and make your ex jealous. You're looking good on beach honey, there’s no shame in feeling yourself. What happens on tour should make him jealous!

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 20.09.07.png
Dear Gabby,
What's the best spot at the Fringe for a killer selfie? #NotThatVain

On the sold out board obvs. #SorryNotSorry

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 20.09.25.png
Dear Gabby,

I lent my BFF my favourite dress 8 months ago. How do I get it back??? #TakingThePiss

Well, you had her denim jacket for over a year and you still wear it out sooooooooooo... Best friends should recycle each others wardrobe anyway. Girls, Girls, Girls.

Girls, Girls, Girls.gif


Dear Gabby,

What's a good comeback for "You're shallow AF"? #ThanksMum

Nothing wrong with being shallow hun. You look your Mum in the eye and say: “Well obviously I am shallow. Look how good me and my friends look on a night out!”



Dear Gabby,

He said I'm fitter than my sister. Is that a compliment? #WTF

Well, as long as he leaves his sister out of it we're fine...


You can see Gabby Killick in 'Girlfriend From Hell' at Underbelly, George Square until Aug 27. Tickets here.