Trends Forecasts #2: Week One Summary


With the first week of Edfringe 2018 over, we've been keeping a close eye on how the acts are doing on our Trends tracker. As we expected, there's been some significant movement in the ratings since venues across the city threw open their doors, and this is our round-up of the first week's action.

Our Trends algorithms reliably highlight the most popular acts of Edfringe 2018 every single day. With the wealth of information we're gathering, though, we thought we would see if we could look a little deeper into the data. To do this, we're using a combined approach — we give equal weighting to acts which have been garnering steady Mentions and Positivity both before and after the Fringe began, and those which have really caused a stir since opening their doors. The result is a pick of shows that aren't necessarily big-league names (yet), but which we (and, it would seem, the Edfringe Twitter community) feel have been provoking interest in this opening week:

1. An Evening With Amanda F*cking Palmer

Amanda Palmer's genre-defying musical performance has come from behind to make serious strides towards the top of our daily analysis. Judging from the positivity out there in Edfringe Twitter-space, she's one to watch.

You said:

"Go and see @amandapalmer at @edfringe tonight if you can. I can’t believe I finally got to see her live and you should too. Honestly, nothing comes close. #edfringe"

"@amandapalmer gave a heavily emotional and thought-provoking show tonight at @edfringe! I loved every heartbreaking, teary-eyed & happy, palate-cleansing second of it! The Ukulele Anthem was a cherry on top for me. Go see Amanda! There's three more shows in #Edinburgh this month!"

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2. Luisa Omielan: Politics for Bitches

No stranger to the Fringe, Luisa's politically-based stand-up has been generating loads of excitement on Twitter, and she's been climbing steadily towards the top of our Trends tracker for the past week now.

You said:

"What started off with some light comedy - finished with probably the most emotive, clever, ‘hairs standing on the back of your neck’ ending ever. Total respect @luisaomielan ! Message understood #amazing #politicsforbitches #edinburghfestival @edfringe"

"I’ve tweeted very little about all the shows I’m cramming in this #edfringe and making the most of moments and outdoor bars. However @luisaomielan #politicsforbitches show is amazing! Powerful, thought provoking and an emotional wring out...a must see!"

"Definitely go and see the amazing show by @luisaomielan at the @edfringe. Laughed and cried my way through this hilarious but damning show. #edfringe2018"

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3. Loki, the Scottish Rapper: Poverty Safari Live

The talented Darren McGarvey (a.k.a. Loki) has been on our radar for some time (he also featured in our Forecast #1), with considerable buzz surrounding the build-up to his opening. If his numbers are anything to go by, he certainly hasn't disappointed.

You said:

"Brilliant show by @lokiscottishrap at @edfringe: poetry, spoken work and music about class consciousness and identity politics."

"Multi layered, funny, confronting - engaging and witty and clever social commentary helping you cross the ravine @lokiscottishrap #edfringe"

"Really enjoyed Poverty Safari by @lokiscottishrap at @edfringe, thought provoking stuff!"

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4. Electrolyte

This gig-theatre piece from Wildcard Theatre Company may have started small — they're not yet on our Trends Top 25, even — but they've generated such a buzz since they opened that they rated very high in this analysis. Something of a sleeper hit, we think.

You said:

"We checked out @electrolytegig yesterday from @WildcardTheatre @ThePleasance - what a brilliant bit of gig theatre that was! Blistering central female performance about trauma, grief and getting by with a little help from your friends. Go see (if you can get a ticket!!) #EdFringe"

"Words can’t begin to describe @WildcardTheatre’s @electrolytegig. Unbelievable #talent and such raw #emotion. This production spoke to me in so many ways and brought me to tears. #edfringe - not to be missed!"

"So @WildcardTheatre @electrolytegig takes my favourite @edfringe show so far- stunning musicianship and incredible raw, brave, hopeful writing. Sell an organ for a ticket."

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5. Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Victim, Complex

Kiri has been a steady player in our Top 25 since our analysis began, but judging from the Twitter response over the past week, she's far from resting on her laurels.

You said:

"Just seen and met Kiri Pritchard-Mclean at #edfringe, fantastic stand-up show that was as entertaining for me as it was therapeutic for her. When life gives you lemons, carbonate the fuck out of 'em. What a legend. Never has something so gripping been so funny! @kiripritchardmc"

"And there is another #edfringe week done. Pretty pleased with my choices this week but highlights have to be @thestorybeast for sheer energy/insanity & @kiripritchardmc for class. With the way she's selling & the show she does it will be a travesty if there is no award."

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