Fringe Advice: Ladykiller

Here at Fringebiscuit, we reckon that Edinburgh performers are amongst the most fabulous, talented, outrageous and just plain bizarre people on the planet. Who better, then, to ask for help? Today's guest columnist is the The Chambermaid, protagonist of Ladykiller — the hilariously sinister comedy that's consistently been one of our Top 25 shows at Edfringe 2018. Follow her advice if you dare... 

Dear Chambermaid,
I just got disinvited to a friend's baby shower (don't ask why). What's an appropriate response? #IHateBabies

Send my gift anyway... Why should the child suffer for the parents’ pettiness? 

Barbie Knife.jpg
Dear Chambermaid,
I'm not saying it's a conspiracy but they never, ever take my flyers. Why??? #OnTheEdge

Because your show looks like trauma porn... as do you. Get a trigger warning. 

Dear Chambermaid,
What's the best way to get (fake!) blood out of your hair? #NeedToKnow

The same as the real kind I imagine.

Dear Chambermaid,
I keep getting mobbed by those Silent Disco f*@&#. What can I do about them? #DontWannaRockDJ

At a Silent Disco, no one can hear you scream....

Silent Scream.gif
Dear Chambermaid,
Just saw your show and realised I may have (definitely) been slightly (very) rude to a shop assistant last week. How do I make amends? #ImScared

You can catch Ladykiller at the Pleasance Courtyard until August 27. Tickets here.